Server, Desktop, and Application Hosting

Hosted Servers, Desktops, and Applications

Hosted Solutions allows you to move your mission-critical servers and applications out of your building and into a private cloud located in one of our secure data centers. Pay as you go instead of spending a fortune buying, maintaining, and constantly replacing IT assets.

HOSTED SERVERS: We can provide you brand new servers with Windows 2016, Windows 2012 R2, or Linux servers. You can also keep your existing servers by simply moving them into our private cloud. Since we convert them to virtual servers you no longer need to worry about hardware ever again.

HOSTED DESKTOPS: Go beyond hosting servers in our private cloud with hosted desktops. Move your workstations to the private cloud as well! Gone are the days when you need to constantly buy new laptops and desktop computers. Gone are the days of needing to constantly maintain and repair the very machines your employees need to do their day to day work. Instead, empower everyone and give them the ability to use any device they want from wherever they want. Work from the office, work from home, work at the airport and securely get the same desktop from everywhere using thin clients, tablets, smartphones, re-purposed old PCs. Watch our video to better understand hosted desktops.

HOSTED APPLICATIONS: Sometimes all you need is for your employees and contractors to be able to use an application you have on your server from wherever they are. Why worry about running that server in your closet or providing everyone a VPN to get to it? We can host that application for you and provide access to it to anyone you want from anywhere in the world.

Hosted Desktops and Applications Explained